Preventive (Prophylactic) prostatitis treatment

October 31, 2009 by Prostate Dr. 

Prevent Prostatitis

The preventive treatment of acute prostatitis (acute prostate inflammation) consists in avoiding, in clearing some of the causes favoring the localization of the infection at prostatic level:

  • correctly and promptly treat urethritis
  • avoid all factors which lead to pelvic congestion
    • horse back riding
    • bicycle riding
    • alcoholic drinks
    • spices (pepper, tabasco, hot pepper, mustard, vinegar)
    • coldness
    • constipation
    • heavy meals
    • sexual excesses
    • sitting for long periods of time
    • etc.

Here's your prevention program:

  1. Visit your personal doctor
  2. Take a PSA test. Allopathic doctors say this is compulsory for man above 50 and should be done annually.
  3. Do an ecography to to measure the volume of the prostate, and in order to assess the structure of the gland and the overall state of the urinary aparatus
  4. Control your sugar level, blood creatitine and take a urine exam, maybe also an uroculture
  5. Last step is an urological consultation, performed by a specialist and who will suggest correct behavior in the future, after precisly setting a diagnosis.

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